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InterWoven utilizes relationships with individuals and entities who are independent, yet bound to developing sound business practices. These include expertise in Project Planning & Management, Human Resources, Capital Markets, Marketing, Sales and Sales Management, Legal, and Assessment Services. These Director level individuals are committed to each project and are able to meet the short term and or long term needs of the evolving company.

John S. Mills ~ Managing Associate & President

Increased profit and market advantage through addition of custom alliances and proven technology.
John has started 5 companies in New Zealand and the USA. He brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial business development and marketing expertise to InterWoven. After moving to USA from New Zealand in 1979, he formed EMCI (Electronic Marketing Consultants Inc) for bringing technology engineering solutions to fortune 500 clients. John’s expertise includes international business development, (China, New Zealand, & Asia) with a focus on alliances, and technology transfer.

InterWoven brings effective value and growth solutions to your needs.

InterWoven has an extensive bench in all four disciplines of business.