InterWoven exists to be…

InterWoven operates as an advocate for business and business leaders. We provide tools, methods, and solutions targeted at increased effectiveness for teams and business stakeholders. InterWoven equips and coaches business leaders. We believe in the power of business people and the entrepreneurial mind.

IWVN is Proven ~ Personal ~ Competent ~ Professional

~ Proven:

Over 30 years of expertise in multicultural and multi technological environments.

~ Personal:

Personal attention and personnel themselves are of a top priority. If we fail to build correct professional relationships, ones that are based on core values, and in turn become repeatable for future development, then we have failed.

~ Competent:

We are advocates of business as a systemic whole, with an emphasis on overall or total business prosperity. Our aim is to enable business owners to grow their investment in both personal and the business process. We hold no professional bias to solutions utilizing accounting, technology, marketing or human resources.

~ Professional:

InterWoven associates have historically proven business skills developed both in small and medium sized companies. We adhere to professional ethics, and bring proven solutions to grow your business.

Established in 1980 then based in Indianapolis Indiana, the InterWoven team includes seasoned business professionals located in California, Indiana, and Texas.