At IWVN, we believe genuine Organizational Development begins with people…


  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate ‘right-size’
  • Why Culture Begins at the Top
  • Generational Issues: Boomers to Millennial's
  • Building a High Performance Culture
  • Communication

Crafting Business Value

Successful business entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They are about creating value in business and leadership.

InterWoven, Inc. Value Proposition:

The Fabric of Business: We provide people, tools, methods and solutions in order to create business value and increase effectiveness between business stakeholders and their businesses. We encourage the power of business people and the entrepreneurial mind. Due to the adjustable nature of the work team (size and strength), InterWoven is able to remain highly competitive in delivery time and cost, not only in the opening phases of work, but in an ongoing engagement. Please contact us for more information