Businesses and owners are unique. We adjust the process of engagement to suit your needs.

Phase One: Initial Meeting: (Situational Review): 1 hour on / off site

An informal review of your needs and/or goals, with description of InterWoven’s capabilities. Once engagement is planned, Memorandum of Understanding and Non-Disclosure agreements are signed. A formal proposal will be submitted for engagement in Phase 2. (No fee for Initial meeting).

Phase Two: Understanding the Business: 2 + hours onsite

Meeting with executive management to establish the overall goals and objectives of business success, to establish project boundaries on time frame and resources available. In this meeting key executive personal preference profiles will be utilized from InterWoven team members and from within client executive team. We utilize a personal preferences mapping tool able to be used in a team environment in order to discuss overall capabilities and strengths. (Fixed fee).

Phase Three: Assessment: (Where are we today?) Over 2 weeks onsite

A small team (1 to 3) individual is assembled to gather data on each business segment, and review the underlying process, mission and vision. This information is then offered as an objective assessment, with following dialogue and review by top management. (Project based fee – agreed to in advance).

Phase Four: Navigation & Mapping the Future: 1 to 2 days offsite

Offsite meeting: We spreadsheet, map, and review the assessment criteria. The review is comprehensive by nature, and will result in a decision making process for next steps. On a client by client basis, there is a great deal of discrepancy between areas that are important, however issues with strategic planning, human resources, market, and information solutions are universal. (Included in Assessment Fee).

Phase Five: Launching:

Engagement of teams to co-develop or develop from client goals human resources model, market plan, sales strategies, a performance management process, branding task, etc. The implementation process is able to be treated as a project, retainer or adjunct employee basis.